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Why Virtual?

People we work with report loving the flexibility of virtual care. They hated taking the train or transit to commute to sessions, finding parking, waiting in a waiting room with other people and then finishing a session feeling tired, only to have to commute home and then begin their routines for the day/night. Now they can show up in their leisure wear from their bed or couch with a coffee or tea and make the most of their time. Our clients join us from their homes, business trips, cottages and vehicles - where ever they personally feel most comfortable or wherever is most convenient. Peer reviewed research also indicates that virtual care is just as effective for treatment as in person services for most needs such as anxiety, depression and PTSD. Virtual care also allows folks in rural or underserved areas to connect with therapists they wouldn't normally have access to. We offer the following virtual services:


In individual therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and shift thinking and behaviour so you can make the changes you wish to see in your life. We will hold space for you to talk about your life experiences and help you process and move through them. We use evidence based treatments, such as DBT, CBT and others, to help shift your thinking, processing and behaviours in the direction you would like.

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Our group therapy is psychoeducational, meaning we don’t ask you to share deep personal information and process in the group. We teach skills and strategies for making change and you get to connect and hear from others who share your lived experiences so we can all learn together. It’s cost effective and a great way to build connection when we can often feel isolated in our difficulties. 

12 Week DBT Skills group starting September 28th from 5-7pm.

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We love to facilitate educational workshops for schools, social service agencies, and other businesses and organizations on topics including:

Staff Health & Wellness
Burnout and Stress Management

Supporting Clients with Challenging Behaviours

Emotion Regulation


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